The windmill, wind turbine, and wind generator are structures
which convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity.

The pressure difference formed on the front and rear side of the blades generates tensile force, which rotates the blades. The blades are connected to a shaft that is attached to a generator, which produces a low voltage current.
The structure includes another device that converts low voltage to a higher voltage, which can be transported to households easier. The yaw system ensures that the wind turbines operate with maximum efficiency.

Based on the average wind speed, Hungary can be classified among the moderately windy regions. Although suitable for using wind energy, today only a few wind power plants and wind turbines can be found in our country.

  • The wind is a renewable energy source, availability is not restricted.
  • It is clean energy, that is during power generation it does not emit greenhouse gases.
  • The wind power plants require little floor space.
  • The construction of wind farms is simple,
    their use is safe, and their operating costs are low.
  • Energy production depends on weather conditions. Wind turbines cannot be operated in very weak or turbulent winds.
  • The wind turbine can be dangerous or
    frustrating for certain animal species.
  • The wind farms spoil the overall picture of the landscape.
  • The operation of the wind turbines involves noise, so their use is limited in residential areas.

The largest onshore wind farm is located in Gansu province, China. Currently it provides about 8 GW energy, but the farm is expanded continuously, and when fully constructed it will have the capacity of 20 GW. The energy produced by the wind farm in an hour would be enough to use your computer around the clock for more than 2700 years.

The power of wind can be experienced in several natural phenomena, and storms. Mankind has long utilized the potential of wind energy in industry, agriculture and transport.

Just think of windmills used for milling the wheat or large sailing vessels contributing to the transportation of goods from and to different parts of the world.

Wind or insects carry pollen from one flower to another. Wind pollinates the female flower parts of the walnut trees and hazel, while flowers with petals and nectary are pollinated by bees, wild bumblebees, wasps and other insects.

Buzzard is the most common bird of prey in Hungary. One of the hunting methods is when – exploiting the upward flow of warm air – it is circling around and watch the prey.

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